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Finding Joy In Retirement


It can be jarring going from working flat out one week to being newly retired the next. If you haven’t planned ahead, there’s every chance you’ll find the early stages of retirement mentally and emotionally tough.


In Finding Joy in Retirement, Jon Glass and David Kennedy share their unique perspectives on exactly what it takes to thrive when your career comes to an end.


Jon shares the ideas, tools, and methods he uses in his successful retirement coaching practice, 64 PLUS, to shift your thinking and open your eyes to the infinite possibilities of life after work. David then explores the lived experiences of older Australians, with interviews and inspiring stories about the challenges and triumphs of successful retirement transitions.

Building blocks for a successful retirement transition


How will your purpose evolve, and what activities and relationships will give meaning to life?


What new projects will you tackle, and what goals might you set that are meaningful to you?


How will you create a new routine that works for you, based on how busy or idle you wish to be?

Social Connection

How will you ensure opportunities for social interaction remain plentiful in retirement?


How will your identity grow and flourish, and will your retirement be a time for reinvention?


How will you define success, and what will you aim to accomplish in this new phase of life?  

Meet the authors

Jon Glass, PhD

After a 30-year career as an executive in the investment management industry, Jon Glass was ready for a new chapter, but he wasn’t ready to retire. Rather than pursue a life of leisure, Jon established a retirement coaching consultancy, 64 PLUS, to share his experience and insights in order to help others make a successful retirement transition. Jon’s retirement coaching practice has featured in The Australian and The Sydney Morning Herald, and he is a passionate advocate for the benefits of conscious preparation for life after work.


David Kennedy

David is a Principal Adviser at Hunter Wealth, a Sydney-based wealth advisory firm, and he is the author of End of the Retirement Age – an upbeat commentary on the reinvention of retirement, featuring inspiring stories of older Australians from all walks of life. David has discussed retirement trends on ABC Radio Sydney, 6PR News Talk Perth, and 3AW Melbourne, and his views on retirement planning have appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, and Financial Observer. He writes regularly for Starts at 60.


Jon Glass

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David Kennedy 

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